Thursday, March 30, 2017

Valadares Day 4 (Task 2)

Finally a second task here at Valadares.  We had one day of off-and-on rain and a second day of steady rain all day.  Many of the city streets were like little streams.  But, flying was back on yesterday and they flew a nice out and return of about 90km that turned out to be more difficult than expected due to - yes - more rain!

Most landed between the turnpoint and goal where the clouds were heavy and the ground shaded.  But, Jonny and David made goal first and apparently got to pack up in heavy downpours. Pippo, Andre and Konrado came in nearly an hour later after waiting out the rain.  But, other than those, no others made it in and in fact some big names landed quite short near the turnpoint (Davide Guiducci and Nene).  They're using an end of speed section goal here and another pilot, Jose, made the end of speed section but not the goal cylinder.  Under Brasilian rules, when a pilot makes the end of speed section, but not the goal cylinder, he gets no arrival or other points - it's as if he didn't make goal at all, other than getting points for his distance.  This is different than the score he would get using the current version of FS with GAP.  

Yesterday's task puts Jonny in first just ahead of David, with Andre another 150 points back in third.   Behind them is about 300 points, so under normal conditions it may be tough to catch these three. Scores HERE.   

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