Friday, September 30, 2005

Days Off

We've had a couple of bad weather days recently so we've had to find ways to entertain ourselves. They have something of a tradition here at the Canungra Classic called Red Faces (named after an Australian television show much like our Gong Show). All of the flying teams put together some sort of silly act designed to make them (or others, as was the case with Curt's spoon fighting act) look as foolish as possible....they do a really good job of it. But, it's great fun and I think a tradition we should start for the Flytec meet. For the most part it stays pretty G-rated, although the Brits may have taken that up to a PG for their stripping act. I was asked to be a judge, which I thought consisted only of giving a score...until it started and I realized I had to be in front of everyone, coming up with some witty comment about each act. That's not exactly my forte.

Yesterday, our second bad weather day in a row, we decided to head down to the Gold Coast and do a little shopping and a little bowling! Jonny is quite the good bowler and if he had only listened to the expert in the lane next to us, he would have been even better. As with most everything else, he beat us all, hands down.

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