Thursday, September 15, 2005

On My Way Again

I'm on my way to Australia with Corinna for the Canungra Classic. Don't know yet if I will be able to compete in the meet, but if not, it will be nice to have a little vacation (because, let's face it, I haven't had one in nearly a month now :-).

I had the chance to come through DC this week - sort of on my way to Australia - to visit with Tim before he sells his incredible house and becomes a trailer-living, flight park bum like the rest of us. His place is beautiful and if I were him I would have a really difficult time giving it up. Just 20 minutes from Dulles, it feels as though you are somewhere in the middle of West Virginia...very wooded and rural feeling. He has 8 acres bordering a wonderful park with hiking trails. A few days ago we took off for a hike right out of his back yard where there are tons of quiet trails that you have to share only with the deer and foxes. I'm now starting to really regret not having come to visit him sooner. By the time I get back from Australia, he'll be down in Florida and this amazing spot will belong to someone else.

So, I leave for Sydney on Saturday, via Miami, Frankfurt, Vienna and Kuala Lumpur. Yeah, definitely the long way around, but it works out nicely because I get to go with Corinna that way. From Sydney we'll take a short flight up to the Gold Coast where the competition starts on the 24th. That will give us a couple of days to get over the jetlag and get used to the flies and snakes :-) I'm scared!!

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