Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Random Shots at Canungra

I've been having a great time driving here for the Mongrel boys. So far only one minor incident with driving on the wrong side of the road :-) I picked up Gabor the first day and in searching for the others I had to make a u-turn. I just pulled right into the wrong lane and drove away. Poor Gabor, sweet and quiet, didn't say a word. He just sat in the passenger seat silent, frantically pointing toward the left lane. I finally noticed him out of the corner of my eye, thankfully before there was any oncoming traffic. Silly guy! I told him next time he ought to scream or something....who knows how long I would have gone on otherwise!

Other than Gabor being way too polite, the driving here is incredibly easy. Without coordinates and without really having much idea where I am, I seem to drive straight to everyone where ever they land. There's definitely something magical about this place (or it could be that there just aren't that many roads :-)

We saw a giant paddock full of kangaroos the day before yesterday. They all think it is hilarious that Corinna and I get so excited and have to stop the car and take pictures. As soon as I get a decently close up shot, I'll post it.

I'm working on my Aussie and have heaps of new words in my vocabulary and even some new grammar. I was told recently that I could instantly be picked out as an American when I put "already" at the end of a sentence. Apparently that's something they don't do. I'm putting the new words and new rules to use already!


Elsa & Ron said...

LOL when I read about the U turn debacle! That is one manuveur that we never perfected when we were there!

Tell Curt we say hello

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