Saturday, September 13, 2008

We Gotta Get Right Back to Where We Started From

Rough day at Quest today. The sky looked terrible....

...but I thought I would try to make the best of it anyway ;-) Elvis and I got our feet of the ground for the first time in over a month.

Jimmy P towed me ridiculously high above cloudbase and then played beside the clouds with me. It pays to be a girl around here! Visibility was so great. Jim towed another girl up super high earlier in the day and said he could see both coasts. I couldn't wipe the grin off my face all's still there!

A bit of indian summer around here. Even after landing it had to be 90 degrees. Nice place to cool off while we watch the others come in and land.

Am I tempting anyone? ;-)


Rich Lovelace said...

You could temp a lot;-)) You could invite them all for April next year;-)
The sky looks amazing-Is there always that amount of water on the ground?


Jamie Shelden said...

I'm working on that! Talked to Frank (landowner) yesterday and he has to ask his boss (May, his wife ;-)

Yes, there's always that much water this time of year. At the end of the summer rainy season all of the lakes and ponds are brimming and everything is beautifully green. April when most people come is the end of the dry season and water levels tend to be as low as they are all year and things are fairly dry and brown.

Rich Lovelace said...

How exciting!! Looking at flights already:-))))
Lets hope the one you are tempting takes up the offer;-)

Hope you had a nice time in England. The blog seemed a bit quiet but I guess you were busy. Shame the weather was not kind. Its still crap by the way but I be at work so not that bothered.

See you in April???????


Lauren said...

The flying is REALLY good at Quest right now. I flew Saturday with Jamie and the gang; Dustin was up in the tandem for hours. I missed yesterday but apparently it was as lovely as it looked. Today I was the only solo pilot. I flew in totally smooth air, with beautiful clouds and lift about 500 fpm (in my bathing suit, no kidding). Did a little out and back but landed when the sky began to look a little too good(I landed BACK, thankfully, though I nearly decked it at Pine Island). Come play! Jamie, come on back out!

joergi said...

Hee Jamie, try your very best!! I´m just looking for LTU-flght in April!!! CU