Sunday, August 16, 2009

Brescia Baby

Ignacio Bernardi (the one behind all of the great Icaro photos you see in Cross Country magazine) runs a very popular little school in Brescia. There's a beautiful green grass training hill with a pool right at the bottom. He teaches a lot of pilots from scratch and also does a lot of towing conversion courses for those who need to learn to foot launch. Ignacio is quite a character - he has a great sense of humor and is full of energy and enthusiasm. We had a blast spending a day at his site. He recently bought the land where the upper launch is located and it's just beautiful.

Here's a shot of the training hill and main landing area.

The lift is soft and smooth and it's quite easy to reach the higher peaks behind launch, opposite the lake. I've had a bit of bug since halfway into the sailing trip in Turkey, but I had been dying to get in the air and was enjoying the view and the super smooth lift...right up until I got a second look at my risotto and decided maybe it was best to land :-(

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