Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bogong Cup

Not exactly ideal weather here for the Bogong Cup.  Yesterday was cancelled for high winds before even going up the hill.  This morning's briefing sounded discouraging to say the least, but we're re-briefing again in a hour to see if things improve.  In all likelihood we won't drive up the hill today either.

We're finding plenty else to do....bird watching (cockatiels and gulaws), kangaroo hunting (there's a gang of them out at the golf course most evenings), a bit of kangaroo imitating and a lot of staying out too late trying to drink the weather better (not working so far).

We heard there was live music in Bright last night, so we headed over after dinner.  Turns out it was a youth brass band doing pop songs.  We stuck around for Stairway to Heaven, Georgia on my Mind and a few others before heading off to the pub for a fairly decent cover band with a great little girl singer and a lot of local color.


GliderMike said...

All of you look like your eyes are glazed over. Not enough whiskey, too much beer.

CE Webster said...

Hope the weather improves. Looks like you're having a good time anyway.