Monday, January 04, 2010

Goal Day 2

The sky was so perfect today and the drive to goal was so beautiful that I nearly survived the trip without being too upset that I wasn't in the air ;-)  It really was such a pretty drive!  I imagined Forbes was much like Texas, but it's not at all.  To the south it's quite hilly.  The goal field left a bit to be desired....downhill into the wind and rather rocky, but everyone seemed happy to be there.  I think the goal count was around 50 in the end.  Zhenya did her personal best distance today along with several others.

I must have taken a thousand pictures of the clouds.


Linda Salamone said...

the clouds look so gorgeous- they look FAKE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great images Jamie, Thanks for allowing those of us in the great white North to feel connected and be informed.

Looks like fun, Congrats to all.

Patrick Kruse