Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Day 5

Another task coming back to Forbes today - makes my life so easy ;-)  They're doing a 149km triangle to the north and west and then landing at the "World's" goal field just about 20km out of town.

I'm so impressed with how well everyone tows here.  Five days now and I haven't seen any scary tows, other than Shapiro's launch into a dust devil (and he was doing everything possible to stay in line).  Vicki and the tug pilots are so professional and really work their butts off all day!

I'll head out to goal in an hour or so and see how they come in.  Only 40 points between first and second places at the moment and Jonny could easily overtake Zac if Zac doesn't stay on top of it.  Also just about 40 points between Attila and Carl in third and fourth place.  All the scores can be found HERE.

Meanwhile, here's a shot taken by Shedsy of Jonny coming in below him.

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