Sunday, May 01, 2011

Florida Ridge Day 2

It's shaping up to be one of the nicest comp weeks yet at the Florida Ridge.  Although we've had two pretty windy days, the tasks have been great anyway.  Today was particularly gorgeous with 500 fpm climbs all day and 5500 cloudbase.  I'm guessing well over half the field made goal today - everyone but me it seems :-/.  But, I had a beautiful 4 hour flight in some of my favorite Florida air.  Kathryn had her first "big boy" goal today on her rented Litespeed and was very happy of course.

The forecasts are calling for much lighter winds and stronger lift over the next few days so we might actually get 7 out of 7 days of flying ;-)

It's really fun to see a few old (as in former, not OLD) faces this week.  Paris Williams is back on the comp scene after finishing his PhD.  Curt Warren is back from Australia.  Bo stopped by with Janna and the baby girl....he's not in the comp, but it's great to catch up with him.

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JackieB said...

It was really an honor meeting you, yesterday! My friend/father had a delightful time and he excitedly told his wife all about it when we got home.

I hope you and K finish 1 and 2 (You two can sort the order out amongst yourselves :)). I'll be cheering for you from here at home with the overcast skies and temps in the 40's. Ugh! That Florida weather felt glorious.