Monday, May 23, 2011

Midwest Championships - Chicago

It's always great fun to try out a new competition in a new part of the world.  Just back home now from a week in the midwest flying at Enjoy Field outside of Chicago.  I've never seen flatlands like these before!  The first days were windy and very cold (especially coming off the mid-90's heat of Georgia) and we weren't able to fly.  But, by mid-week the temps warmed up and we pulled off two really nice triangle tasks.

Enjoy Field is a beautifully manicured green grass strip amid perfect 1 mile square blocks of farmland.  Thankfully, the crops were late this year and most fields weren't yet grown up with the usual corn and soy beans.  Landings were more plentiful than any place I have ever flown.
We found a very clever way to stack gliders in the hangar.
Chris and Gary and the whole crew at Enjoy Field were wonderful hosts.  Although my head wasn't really in the flying, the two tasks we had made for great racing for the boys.  There is something amazing about being able to thermal 300 feet off the ground, knowing you can turn into the wind and land anywhere.  I love big wide-open space!

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