Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Dinosaur Day 3

When scouting out the area previous to this competition, we came through Steamboat Springs a couple of times.  It's a lovely little ski town to our east and a great spot for a long goal.  Weather conditions cooperated yesterday for calling a task to Steamboat.  It's just about 200km and the landscape along the way just gets prettier and prettier.

Despite some expected overdevelopment in the higher mountains that chased us most of the way to goal, we had ten in.  We were welcomed by the local hang gliding club, the Steamboat Airforce. Unfortunately, the huge goal field was a bit on the wet side, making for a few fun splashdowns.  But, everyone seemed pretty happy with the nice long task anyway.

We were treated to a beautiful stormy sunset on the three hour drive home.


GW said...

Well, It'a lovely little ski town, but it's not to your west. :) I miss being there at the comp. First Ever major Dinosaur meet that I didn't run.

Jamie Shelden said...

Sometimes I get a little upside down GW ;-). We miss you here!!