Thursday, June 22, 2017

Dinosaur Day 4

Arriving at launch yesterday, we could see the start of overdevelopment to our west, so a task was iffy from the start. But, it seemed to not move or grow toward our task area, so the committee called a task to the town of Meeker.  But, by the time launch opened, there were bits of development even out in front of launch - smallish, but enough for us to watch carefully.  

It wasn't long after pilots got in airborne that concerns started.  Just a few minutes after the first start, we got calls from several pilots saying the sky was blowing up along course.  The task was cancelled and most enjoyed at least a half a rest day.  Greg Chastain didn't have his radio on and his driver didn't get our messages about the task being cancelled, so he flew the task and landed at goal ;-).  He reported some pretty rough air along the way.

I love weather....and I love the wild sky out here.  This was the view driving away from launch yesterday after the task was cancelled. 

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