Wednesday, May 17, 2006

2006 Worlds Opening "Ceremonies"

The meet starts tomorrow after a great little party this evening. Technically, it was the opening ceremonies, but really it was just dinner and a good time. In keeping with the down-home American theme, we had Texas BBQ and a blue grass band. But, the big draw was the aligator wrestler that came out and gave us a "safety-briefing" in case we landed in the swamps ;-) Bottom line is, take a roll of duct tape to tape their mouths shut. It was very timely as we have had three people killed by alligators in Florida over the past week.

The alligators seemed to be a real hit and everyone got to hold one and have their pictures taken. After they left we did a bit of square dancing to the calls of Charlie the German team photographer. What a hoot. Charlie didn't have a clue about calling and neither did anyone else, so it was a good laugh for everyone.

The comp starts tomorrow and we've been promised a rain-free forecast for at least the next five days out. Unfortunately, we don't have a wind-free forecast. This has been an unusually windy spring and we can all just hope that it mellows quickly.

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