Thursday, May 18, 2006

Worlds Task 1

The rigids and the girls had the same task today, oddly enough. It was somewhere in the 60 mile range with goal down south to River Ranch. Pretty pitiful excuse for a rigid task if you ask me. The Swifts went a bit further returning back here to Quest. We had fairly strong wind out of the west, making for rough towing conditions. And, it seems at times it was a bit hard to stay up. Alex Ploner had 2 tows, Robert Reisinger had at least 2, possible 3 and David Chaumet had at least 2 or 3. If the likes of those guys can't stick, I don't know how the girls managed to stay in the air ;-) (oops, that sounded a bit sexist). Overall the launching went well, despite the rough conditions. A few girls opted to stay on the ground though after multiple rowdy launches :-/

This just in: Robin is first in to goal a solid 15 minutes ahead of Manfred (they took the same start!). Armand (Canada) and Steve Cox (Switzerland) were in next, a ways behind Manfred. So far no siting of Brian or Mark.

I also hear that there are at least 20 gliders in goal at River Ranch, but I don't know how that is divided up between rigids and girls. I do know there is at least one girl - Corinna - hopefully more!

More later.....

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