Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Task 5...or so

We had to wait much of the afternoon, but it turned out to be a great day. The sky looked similar to the last two days when we woke up this morning- overcast and full of gook- but by noon it was starting to look like a task might be possible. The swifts and rigids had a 50-something mile task to the north and the girls went 40-something in the same direction. Just as the last of the girls were launching we got reports from a few rigid pilots on course that an Atos was tumbling. Several Dragonflies were deployed to try to find the guy. Reports were that he had tucked/tumbled, but did not deploy his chute. It was an hour or so before we got any more information, but we learned fairly early that he had in fact NOT thrown his chute, but landed (or hit) softly enough that he was unhurt. I don't know the guy, but his name is Alex Schreiner, either from Switzerland or Austria. Will be interesting to hear the story when he returns. We normally don't have big enough air here in Florida to cause a tumble, but who knows. We're all just happy he is ok.

In the meantime, there were plenty of rigids at goal - someone said something like 30. However, only one girl made it, that was Corinna. She's going to be very happy. I wouldn't want to jinx her, but I think winning the day today may have sealed up the win for her! Let's hope!

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