Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Lazy Days

It's been a bit slow the last few days as we had some muck in the air the pretty much killed all the lift. The last two days were cancelled and we thought today might be as well. But, here we are at quarter after one and it looks like they are going to get a task in. Everyone is heading to the north because the sky looks clearer that direction. The swift and ridig tasks are 54 miles and the girls are going slightly shorter for 44 miles.

Day before yesterday was officially declared international bonding day by the meet organizers. It turned out to be a blast. Since the last two days' tasks were not cancelled straight away, everyone pretty much hung around Quest and goofed off for what was left of the day. Jim and Russel erected one of the portable climbing walls and everyone was crawling around on it. We also had a bit of redneck olympics with the horseshoe pits and frisbees, and even an inpromptu foot surgery! So much accomplished in a single day ;-)

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