Monday, June 19, 2006


Someone mentioned that I forgot to say where on the planet I am at the moment. I am at the European Championships in Rok, Crotia. The competition started three days ago and so far the weather hasn't been as nice as last year. Although it's sunny and warm, each of the past three days a high thin layer of gook has come in shading things a bit and making conditions less than ideal. The first day was more than a bit overcalled, with a 100+km task. No one made goal. Yesterday was slightly better with a shorter task, but still only one pilot making goal. Today at last a few guys (something like 20, I heard) managed to get to goal, although others fought long hard fights and still didn't make it. I believe Corinna was in the air for several hours without finally getting in to goal.

Here's Seppi.

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