Monday, May 07, 2007

Santa Cruz Flats - Day 1

They called an 80 mile triangle, expecting 14,000 cloudbase and 10c temperatures at altitude. We'll see if they actually got that high...and that cold. There was a existing north/south runway here before we came along, but Dustin and the local club cleared and groomed it quite nicely and also cleared an east/west runway. It's nice and smooth and flat, but about as dusty as can be. It sits right up next to our oasis of green grass and trees. Luckily goal is right in front of our rooms back on the grass so we don't have to deal with more dust. I suppose it is a bit like Hay, although I've never been there myself.

Jonny, Chris, Dustin and Jeff O'Brien launched right at the open and climbed out quickly. The others were a bit slower to get going but we got all 16 in the air without an problems. Rob Kells is out from LA helping a bunch on the launch line - it's great to have him here. I had to scrub about 3 inches of dust off before heading out to the pool to relax and watch for them coming in to goal ;-)

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