Sunday, October 14, 2007


Mom and Dad, Mark and Myshel and Max arrived in Florida about a week and a half ago to start the work on my condo. We've been having fun and working hard (and swimming a lot in the in between time). Florida is having an unseasonably warm autumn that feels just like summer to me. Normally I would love that, but we just got the air conditioning in and working yesterday, so it's been sweaty going of it.

The walls that were coming down are down, the bathroom is nearly finished but for some little touchups. The travertine on the floor and in the shower is beautiful.

Dad did an awesome job of that and I'm guessing he won't want to lay travertine again anytime soon ;-) I've painted most of the walls yellow and baby blue. It looks at bit like a nursery to me, so I may need to repaint a more "adult" color.

The demolition was my favorite part!

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Germantxu said...

Wow, TV News said something yesterday about the hurricane "Jamie" knocking down the east coast of Florida. We now know what they meant. ;-)

Would you help me to furrow my garden after you finish you demolition works (it's only 2000 square meters)?