Monday, August 11, 2008

La Sagrada Familia

Nicole and I finally made our way to Barcelona from the Dolomites via Innsbruck and Zurich. We met up with Donna and German this afternoon and spent several hours at La Sagrada Familia Cathedral. As fascinated as I have always been with this place, unfortunately, I can't say that it's beautiful. I would say hideous is a better word choice. I am a huge fan of Gaudi, but I've never seen anything more ugly than this cathedral. It is a spectacular site, no doubt, just not my thing so much. I have heard several people say that they will finish building it in the next several years, but I can't imagine how that could be possible. It has been in the works for more than 125 years and we read today that the completed cathedral will have 12 spires...there are 8 finished now. So, if it takes 125 years to build 8, I'd say it will take more than a few years to finish the last 4.

We will do another walking tour tomorrow and find some of his other more beautiful works. There's an apartment building I saw when I was here 15 years ago that was lovely...hopefully I can find that one again.

Timothy arrived tonight via train from France. Mikey and the three other Spaniards will meet us in Mallorca on Wednesday afternoon and we'll be off sailing Thursday morning!! I can't wait to be back on the boat again!

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