Sunday, August 03, 2008

Nicole Makes her First Turnpoint!

Nico and I are on the bus to Perugia to do a bit of touristicating.
We had planned to do Assisi, via Gubbio and Peruggia, but soon realized we wouldn't fit it all in one day. We had two hours in Gubbio before our bus came so we took the funivia up to the church that was the turnpoint during the meet, licking our gelato cones all the way up like little two girls.

We found some scrumptous little sandwiches just in time to nearly miss our bus. Now we're sitting, fat and happy, on our way to the big city ;-)


Anonymous said...

hi girls! How's doing Niki's foot? I didn't have time to say goodbye yesterday... Sorry! I'm waiting for you in laveno! Enjoy your trip! Ste.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie, Ryan here. Great job. Reliving my memories of Monte Cucco in 1998 and 1999. The blog is super, but more pics of Nicole in a bikini are needed.

simone รจ fuori controllo said...

Grazie per essere venute in Italia, vi voglio bene e vi abbraccio.
saluti Simone.