Monday, August 25, 2008


It's been cool and a bit rainy at times, but a very pretty place. Reminds me a bit of central California after a long winter of rain - everything is lush a green. It blows me away that these English pilots fly tasks in weather that most would never consider flying in...not dangerous, just stuff that looks like total crap. Not difficult to see why they're so good then. Today is the first day that was canned - they've had three decent tasks so far - better than I've heard is normal for a UK comp.

Met a lovely family of pilots - four sons and all either are flying or probably will be sooner or later. Makes me quite jealous. I always wished I could fly with my dad or brothers. Each of the boys is unbelievably bright and delightful to be around. Here Miles, the second of the four boys, just off launch.

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Hadewych said...

O you know how envious I am for not being in rainy grey windy Liverpool... enjoy!