Saturday, May 23, 2009

Seems once again, we got lucky with the weather.  Tons of sunshine and the light breeze from a few days ago stiffened up a bit both yesterday and today making it possible to run a few racing rounds today.  There are just eight in the hang gliding division and all but one are on Litespeeds - heaps more paragliders, of course.

I was told by the two top Moyes boys (both of whom have egos sizable enough to say if it weren't really true) that no one could beat Kraig in a ridge race.  Zippy came the closest today, just over 2 seconds behind Kraig, with Jonny rounding out the top three a few more seconds behind them.  After two rounds, they decided to call it a day and let the paragliders have a shot.  Just for fun, Kraig hopped on a Litesport and showed them again what a great little glider that is.  He and Jonny raced neck and neck up and down the ridge and Jonny could never overtake him.  


Davis Straub said...

So no racing Sunday or Monday?

Jamie Shelden said...

Nope. Sunday 1/6 of the competitors had to go home (one guy ;-) and when the sent the spotters down to either end of the course, somehow they both ended up at the north they didn't run any rounds. Anyway, everyone seemed happy.