Thursday, June 25, 2009

Launching Task 2

Beautiful conditions on the Aspres launch today (aside from the nasty allergens that many suffered from). The launches here are grassy, steep and just about perfect. They're flying a 125 km task. I couldn't say where they're going really...didn't get it in the briefing. Just know that there are two turnpoints and it's a bit of an out and return. At this point, the boys are reporting that they're near the last turnpoint starting to head back. However, the last leg is into the wind (if the wind is doing the same thing up high as it is in the air). They'll be coming in from the same direction as yesterday, meaning with the wind, we might have some more exciting goal finishes.

Jonny always enjoys making fun for the crowd.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the twitter updates Jamie. I'm refreshing every 5 minutes thinking "where the *&^% is he!!" :(