Sunday, June 14, 2009

First Days in Europe

Ok, it wasn't the pyramids or the Great Wall, but I very much enjoyed the drive from Liverpool to Laragne. We took it slow and leisurely and just arrived in Laragne yesterday morning. The ferry ride across the Channel was uneventful, but seeing Dover and the White Cliffs was cool and we were even treated with sunshine.

Yesterday was a nice day for flying so we cruised up the hill late and flew off the lower north launch. Today looked like the last reasonable day before a little something is moving in bringing lots of clouds and maybe a bit of rain. We may have two or three days to laze around and do nothing. There aren't too many comp pilots here yet. It's been nice to hang out with Heather and Mart, Timothy and Dustin and the few Brits that have arrived. I hear many pilots are set to arrive tomorrow and the next time for the poor weather.


Unknown said...

Wow I have never seen Dover Harbour (Note proper spelling) look that good before, bet the tourist board would like that photo. Hi to the gang

Steve, stuck in Titusville!

west coast brit said...

Indeed a nice picture there. I've not seen it like that either. Enjoy yerp.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that's Dover?! Looks like Monaco!!
Pete B