Saturday, January 01, 2011

An airplane is faster than a cadillac....

...and a whole lot smoother than a camels back.  I don't care how you get to me, just get to me!

Day 1 of the Forbes Flatlands and I have sped to Sydney to collect Carl.  All the very tight plans and connections eventually failed in Abu Dhabi and so he's just arriving - not exactly in time for the first task.  We will speed back to Forbes where young Alex will have our gliders rigged and ready to jump in and fly.  If nothing else, it will be another adventure.

Meanwhile, we spent new years eve and new years day partying and enjoying the heat of Forbes.  45 degrees (113 fahrenheit) according to the car thermometer yesterday....ouch!  Only one thing to do in temps that high in Forbes (other than get in the air, of course) - diving lessons from Timothy at the municipal pool.  I haven't mastered my triple back flip yet, but after 43 years, I know now how to dive in headfirst.  Thanks Timothy!

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