Sunday, January 09, 2011

Day 3

No one was terribly optimistic today, even at the briefing not more than half the pilots were there. But, they set a task none the less- 113km straight downwind. Most people rigged despite the strong wind. A few top guys were missing though. Attila didn't even show up at the field and although Gerolf was there, he never unloaded his glider from the car. Lukas rigged, but packed up again and stayed on the ground Jonny didn't rig until it was apparent that at least a few top guys were going to fly. In the end there were quite a few pilots that didn't want to brave wind and possible turbulence. I was one of them.

However, those that did are now on course and blowing downwind in a sky that doesn't look terrible- it doesn't look great either though. Davis radio'd down that towing conditions were smooth, but there wasn't so much lift. I love Davis, but don't always trust his judgment on these things. Turns out he was probably right this time.

Ally and I are in the car headed to goal. Carl and Blenky are on course at cloudbase at the moment. It appears they are about 40km short of goal still yet. It is raining pretty good where we are, but the roads take us off courseline close the the dark ugly sky. The sky looks better on course, but Carl just reported a bit if rain even there.

It should be interesting to see how the scores play out tonight with Attila, who was in second place, not flying along with a few others. There were a couple of top guys quite unhappy with yesterday's result. At least one thought that the top 20 had a mandatory start at 1:00. Everyone else understood that the top 20 were not allowed to start before the 1:00 start, but could go later if they chose. Perhaps that is why the pilot in question didn't show up today.

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Davis Straub said...
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Davis Straub said...
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Davis Straub said...

I guess that you will just have to raise my grade point on your trust-o-meter!

Steve said...

Jamie - would you or Carl send me a quick email. Thinking of a kite for Jem - sounds like your Litesport can fly at least 300k (fabulous - well done !) would welcome your thoughts on getting a Litesport 3 or 4.

Steve K

Richard Cranium said...

I'm sure Glad I listened to those pork swords that were saying it will crap in Forbes, and saved myself the trip to OZ for this comp. It sounds like you've all had a terrible conditions.
How many miles have you flown?
How much air time have you had?
Hopefully next year will be better...

Anonymous said...

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