Sunday, January 09, 2011

Day 2 - Steve Hocking Challenge

Rough day towing yesterday.  We had a fair bit more wind than the rest of the week and that made for pretty good rodeo riding at the field.  I pinned off early because I was scared to death and then sunk out and landed in the next paddock over.  They rushed over to get me for another tow, but I was afraid to go up again.  So instead I went on retrieve with Ally.  That was much more fun.  

Turns out conditions were pretty nice on course.  The usual 20-25 made goal.  
We were treated to a really cool gust front on the way home with red skies and lots and lots of wind.  
Once through the gust front, we were off to get Kathryn's gear.  She hitchhiked home, but her gear stayed out in the storm.  Despite the flooding all around, the gear hadn't yet floated away ;-)

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