Thursday, November 28, 2013

50 Things

I've been feeling a bit crappy and missing family knowing that my favorite holiday is today and it isn't even celebrated here.  But, just because Aussies don't celebrate, doesn't mean I can't.  Rather than feel sorry for myself, I went for a walk and tried to come up with 50 things I'm thankful for - was pretty darn easy.

1 - That my default state of mind is happy.
2 - I have a gorgeous, happy, healthy and incredibly smart baby girl.
3 - My brothers made me tough and taught me to take (good-natured) abuse like a pro.
4 - I inherited my mother's ability to empathise with just about anyone, even the most unlikable people.
5 - My arms and legs are so long that launching and landing a hang glider is easier than it is for most girls.
6 - I have two loving parents who gave me every opportunity in life.
7 - Glen.
8 - I can work from nearly any place on the planet and don't have to sit in an office all day like most people in my profession.
9 - I have all my body parts and they are all in great working order still.
10 - There are very few material possessions I want that I don't have (or can't just go out and buy).
11 - I like to exercise - (if not for that one, I would be fat).
12 - I can whistle really well.
13 - Music brings me great joy.
14 - I tan really easily and rarely burn.
15 - The migraines I used to suffer regularly, have all but gone away.
16 - I no longer look like a 12 year old boy.
17 - I am very tolerant and forgiving.
18 - My only real vice (sugar) isn't too terribly unhealthy.
19 - My little condo on the beach.
20 - I can reach things on the top shelf for little ladies at the supermarket.
21 - Making a living doesn't consume all of my time - not even most of it.
22 - I have a beautiful sister who writes a birthday song for me every year.
23 - My friends are all over the planet and there's always one to meet up with most any place I travel.
24 - Anger doesn't stay with me very long - probably not as long as it should sometimes.
25 - I get year-round summer most years.
26 - I was born in America.
27 - I don't always act like an American.
28 - My fish face always entertains small children.
29 - My kidneys still function.
30 - Somehow I became quite independent.
31 - My family loves me even though I'm not around as much as I ought to be.
32 - I backed up my computer 2 hours before the hard drive crashed yesterday.
33 - I can speak a bit of Spanish with a pretty decent Mexican accent.
34 - I've never broken or seriously hurt myself hang gliding.
35 - For some strange reason, I love to wash dishes, and do housework in general.
36 - I only remember the good stuff.
37 - I can change, when change is required.
38 - My new glider flies beautifully, and perfectly straight.
39 - I have the most common blood type.
40 - I get to plan two giant hang gliding parties every year and all my friends come to join in the fun.
41 - My lung capacity is quite large.
42 - I'm good at launching a hang glider.
43 - I had a 7th grade history teacher that got me interested in travel by reading great adventure stories to the class every day.
44 - I have two homes.
45 - My resting heart rate is extremely low.
46 - I get upgraded most of the time when I fly.
47 - I can fall asleep almost instantly and can sleep pretty much anywhere.
48 - I've been able to spent all but one summer in Europe for the past 10 years.
49 - Most of the time, I'm right where I want to be.
50 - I don't mind being flawed.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful James.

they call me mellow...