Sunday, November 10, 2013

On the road again

So good to be back home with my baby....and what better way to kick off the summer than with a road trip up the east coast!  Glen picked me up at the Sydney airport about 8am on Thursday morning and we were straight on the road heading north toward our final destination at Rainbow Beach.  

Of course, you can't drive by the Big Banana without making a quick stop.

Since it was on Lennox Head we gave the new Freedom tandem glider a little test flight as we passed through town. Great little ridge on the beach, but the top landing field leaves a bit to be desired.  Luckily Glen's a pro ;-).

The 30km drive on the beach from Noosa to Double Island point was the coolest by far though.  More traffic than I would have expected on the beach, but the tide was low and there was plenty of roadway. We finished up the beach drive with another 10 or 15km of rainforest sand track.  What a gorgeous drive!

Next stop, Rainbow Beach!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,
Th degree to which I am green with envy at your Oz summer adventure, while I am here in cold, grey Europe, is only matched by the happiness I feel to know that I friend (that'd be you) is doing things right. Enjoy summer!