Sunday, March 01, 2015

Valle de Bravo World Championships

We've all finally arrived here in Valle for the start of the worlds - not without far too many flight delays for the team leader (me!).  I came nearly straight from the CIVL Plenary meeting in Belgrade and had my worst run of bad flight luck, getting stuck first in Frankfurt, then overnight in Chicago then overnight again in Houston.  The way I see it, I got all the team bad luck out of the way early. 

Yesterday's opening ceremonies were excellent and oh so Mexican with Mariachis and Aztec dancers similar to last year.  It was beautiful and conveniently held early in the day so that it wasn't too hot and pilots were able to have an extra practice day if they wanted.  Many flew before the welcome dinner hosted by Miguel and Claudia.  

Team USA (left to right - Bruce, Zippy (hiding), Derreck, Bill, Matt, Kris and Robin)

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Hadewych said...

that seems like an even more valuable sacrifice then just drinking the weather better