Thursday, January 08, 2015

Forbes Flatlands - Last Task

Fantastic last task today.  It all started with a bit of grumbling over the task setting.  The committee decided to have predetermined stop at 4:30 for safety reasons.  The forecast looked identical to yesterday and they were quite sure it would overdevelop as it did yesterday.  About the half the pilots felt like there was no reason to stop it in advance of knowing whether or not the forecast would really pan out.  They took a vote at the briefing - which was pretty much split down the middle - and then decided to let the safety committee make the decision.  In the end, they decided not to stop it in advance.  

But, with the expectation of overdevelopment, they called a shortish (for Forbes) task to the south and then east, thinking that most would take the first start.  Most did, but not all.  Atilla hung back and took the second start.  Jonny apparently wanted to wait (as he wasn't able to leave the start circle right on time), but worried about the forecast storms and went on ahead with most everyone.  

All the drivers sped to goal and watched the sky for storms and for the coming leaders.  Blenky, Jonny and Atilla were the first three in (I think in that order), but with Atilla taking the second start and the others on the first.  We watched several pilots come in over the next 15 minutes wondering what might have happened to Zac in first place.  After 16 minutes, with probably 15 pilots between him and the first in, Zac finally made it - together with Gordon (in second place overall and Jonas in third).  It was a nail biter for everyone at goal - and probably for those watching the trackers from abroad.   In the end there were probably 35 at goal.  And, by the way, the overdevelopment never reached us.  

We're getting read to go to the prize giving in the next half hour and still don't know for sure who will win.  The speculation at goal was that Atilla will steal most of the big points with the day win and Jonny won't get enough in second to overtake Zac (and probably not Gordon or Jonas either).  But, it will be interesting to see how it all comes out.  


Anonymous said...

Great write up!

Anonymous said...

Again, thanks a lot for the great coverage, Jamie!

See you soon,


Anonymous said...

Minus 15 Fahrenheit in Vermont here last night. Thanks for reminding me it's HOT somewhere!! PK-Peter Kelley

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