Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Forbes Flatlands - Task 5

The task committee originally called a triangle to the north with the first let into the wind.  Not everyone necessarily understood that, but it didn't matter because out at the tow paddock the north wind was stronger than expected and they quickly realized a task with leg one into a decent wind probably wasn't the best idea.  So, they went with the alternate task - a slight dog leg to the southwest.  

Although there was no talk of thunderstorms in the forecast (at least not that I heard), as I got about halfway to goal in the car, I could see a big cell that appeared to be just to the west of goal.  

It quickly became quite widespread and I got the text message that the task was stopped.  Many came down and landed near the turn point before the gust front hit.  They were about 2 hours on course and near 100km, so while it won't be a 1000 point day, it should still be reasonable scoring.  It should be very interesting going into the last day - just 2 points between first and second place!!

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