Thursday, January 01, 2015

Forbes Flatlands 2015 - Task 1

Great way to start off the year!  Nearly half the field made the 144km task to Manilda.  

Launch started off a bit on the slow side with the final few competitors launching after the first start clock.  But, everyone got on course fine and for those in goal, I heard of just one that took the first clock.  The first group in (Attila, Olav Opsanger, Gordon and Gerolf - in that order) took the second clock.  Attila commented that those taking the third start were likely faster, but it didn't look like they got in quickly enough, so Atilla will likely win the day.   

The altitude limit for hang gliders here in Australia is 10,000ft and it was announced at the briefing this morning that there would be penalties for going above that.   Apparently, many guys were getting there and having to pull out of thermals early - Pippo says that cloudbase between the first and second turn points was definitely above the ceiling.  

I've heard that Gerolf and Jonny are doing the weather this time around and it seems they got the forecast and the task call pretty good today.  

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