Saturday, January 03, 2015

Forbes Flatlands - Day 3

What a day!! Seriously under-called task, but 40 very happy pilots at goal yesterday.  The cloud streets lined up so perfectly that I couldn't catch them even at 140km/hour on the highway.  It was one of those classic Forbes days and it's just a pity they didn't call a 400km task, because I'm sure it could have been done.  Most were landing during the strongest part of the day and even driving home from goal at 7pm the clouds still looked incredible!  Reminded me of a day a few years ago when we went from Forbes to Hay ;-).


Anonymous said...

You were a seriously naughty lawyer if you were doing 140 Kph!

Scot Huber said...

Jamie, I really appreciate the pics you're posting. Winters cold and no flying on this side of the planet have me feeling a bit air horny and the pics are pure porn. Keep it Up!!