Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Forbes Flatlands - Task 4

Looooong task and a long day overall.  They called a 258km task out to the west (toward Hay).  The drive along course line takes you through almost nothing, just lots of Australian outback.  Drivers were warned at the briefing to fuel up anyplace we saw an open station.  It's not unheard of for teams to sleep in their cars after a late retrieve waiting for the gas station to open up in the morning.  That may have been the fate of the team of Christian/Blenky/Glen as their driver arrived at goal with 1/3 a tank of fuel - which wouldn't have been enough to make it back to the nearest fuel at West Waylong (haven't heard yet this morning though).  

Anyway, it was a long task time wise.  Most pilots were on course at least 6 hours and even after we packed and left goal we heard that more still came in (around 25 total, I'm guessing).  No scores are up yet, but it looks like Zac will have won the day (that lucky hat is working!) with Jonas, Glen and Jonny very close behind.  Glen and Jonas took the first start, worried that the day would fizzle out early.  They lead most of the way with Jonny catching them from the second start maybe halfway on course.  Gordo also did much of the leading, but off on his own left of courseline, where the others tended to stay right.  

Amongst the top ten, Atilla and Trent weren't in goal.  Others in the top ten were slow.  So, standings will change a bit when the scores come out this morning (hopefully soon).  


Jochen Zeischka said...

Trent came into goal together with me. He landed in the goal paddock. Which was the right thing to do. I bent an upright trying to make it to the others.

Andrew Finn said...

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