Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Grumpy Lawyer

Rotten weather for the past two weeks and no flying has made the naughty lawyer into the grumpy lawyer, so no posts for a while. Lucky for me, I'll be on a plane for Ecuador in a little over a week, with my buddies flying till I can't stand it anymore.

In the meantime, I get to play auntie every day, actually catch up on work, and learn new words like COMMUNIFAKING. Yep, we've all done it, just didn't know there was a name for it - pretending to talk on your mobile to avoid having to talk to a real person standing in front of you. Apparently, there are actually rules for this! For instance, its acceptable to communifake to avoid unwanted male attention (you're waiting for a friend at the local pub and don't want to be hit on), or to avoid looking like a loser at a party where you don't know anyone. However, it's NOT ok when you're expecting a call and the phone rings mid "conversation" making you look like a total idiot, or on the subway where everyone knows there's no net anyway.

Yes, this is how bored I get when I'm not traveling. Sad sad state.


Anonymous said...

Do American's really use the word Pub?? I thought that it do be exclusively Australian vernacular.

Jamie Shelden said...

And I thought it was British. But no, we don't use it really, but since I only have about 3 people outside the UK that read my blog, I have to talk like you people do so as not to confuse ;-)

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