Saturday, October 24, 2009


Despite more than a little bit of stress getting 12 gliders on one airplane, we made it safely with everything in one piece to Guayaquil last night. Just like last year, we walked out of customs to be greeted with more fanfair than most hang glider pilots outside of Brasil ever get.

Today is unpacking and press day and Raul is already cracking the whip with a briefing at 8:30. This is a fun place to learn to just go with the flow - as there are no other options. None of us really knows what the plan is for the next 12 days. We'll just find out as it is happening. Es paseo, as Mike would say ;-)


Myshel said...

Glad to hear you and the gliders arrived safely. Have a great time!!!

Anonymous said...

hey guys,

why do you not use the moyes cardboard box (the one new gliders are shiped with) for airplane travel

Works really well and protects the glider much better than all the tedious padding work.

just a thought ;-)

lg rob

Jamie Shelden said...

Well, the airlines have a weight limit - normally it's about 32 kilos which is already less than what any glider weights, even without a regular, relatively lightweight travel bag. The boxes that gliders come shipped in weigh another 10 or 15 kilos, so it just doesn't work to use these for air travel.

Anonymous said...

hi jamie,

aha ok, looks like our airline (flyniki) is more deltafriendly. They take the glider in the box + ladder for 50euros extra charge.
Perfect for smuggling too cause you can stash a lot of stuff into the box on your way home ;-).

wonderful flights to you
bye rob