Sunday, October 25, 2009

Guayaquil Day 1

After a quick job unpacking our gliders on Eduardo's front lawn, we rushed out to the newest hang gliding site in Guayaquil. This one on the edge of town very near the launch we flew the first time here several years ago. Raul and the Guayaquil pilots have bulldozed a road right up the side of the hill and cleared a beautiful launch about 1200 feet above the landing paddock.

Some guys wanted to tow up and others preferred to take off from the nice new launch above. It was a giant party scene below, with all of the Ecuadorian TV stations filming, lots of interviews and more spectators than I've ever seen at a hang gliding event. It's amazing what Raul does here and I cannot understand why we can't get this kind of attention at home.

Excellent day and we're hoping for more of the same today! The sun is shining (which is unusual here - it is normally quite overcast) and we're heading back out there in a while.

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