Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Finally in Canoa

We made our looooooong way to Canoa today after the press conference at the Olympic Center in Guayaquil. The conference was smaller than last year, but the main Ecuador television station was there. Speaking of which, we were on the morning news again this morning. That makes three times in four days. I haven't seen any of the broadcasts, but those who have seen them say they looked pretty cool. The news people are coming here to Canoa as well, so there will be even more coverage.

Yesterday's flight was fantastic! Definitely the best conditions I've seen in four years of flying Guayaquil. Clear blue sky dotted with small cumulous and 5-800fpm lift all day. We all made cloudbase over the mountain, but only four (Kraig, Alex, Dustin and Davis) were brave enough to dive over the back to go for the record. The organizers put up $500 for the first to break Raul's 40km Ecuadorian distance record. In the end Kraig and Dustin blew it away, more than doubling it with 81km - they'll split the prize money. The rest of us were happy cruising around the mountain with a better than normal view of the city and surrounding areas.

Our new hotel in Canoa is amazing. Right on the beach again with a cool breeze, a lovely pool and the sand and surf right here. It's hard to tell in the darkness, but Raul says the landing area here is even bigger and we're within a very short walk of town. Everyone was happy to be out of the cars after 8 hours of driving to get here. They're building a new highway here, but little of it is finished and we were on bumpy dirt roads for much of the drive. But either way, it's great to be back at the beach and everyone is excited to get up on that ridge tomorrow! Two practice days and the comp runs Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

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