Friday, October 30, 2009

La Escuela Abbrogado

This morning we all walked over to the school that Jeff has been raising funds for. We had various supplies to donate - DVDs, workbooks, markers, etc. We arrived just in time for recess and had a blast playing with the kids for a while.

The school was started by a Floridian who came down quite a few years ago. It's been open for about two years and they've got about 50 kids at this point. They're hoping to build two more classrooms soon and will have kindergarden through eighth grade eventually. The school is taught in English - they don't just teach an English class each day, all of the classes are taught in English. The teachers are from various places, one from Alaska, one from Manchester, UK and a few local teachers.

The kids were great fun and enjoyed having a bunch of us running around acting like children...well, what's new.


Anonymous said...

Love it!!!!!! ;)

Lisa said...

What a great thing for you guys to do! Give the kids a tickle from Florida for us. :)