Sunday, March 02, 2014

Day 2 - One Task, Two Goals

Oops.....a bit of a problem with today's task.  They called a 120km dogleg out to the city of Toluca with goal at around 7000ft.  At the briefing there was a bit a whining from Jonny about using a goal line rather than a cylinder.  But, because there had been so many changes in the task all morning between the forecast changing and the safety committee being unsatisfied, it was getting late and I think they just didn't want to deal with more discussion about task changes.  And, the truth is, there wasn't time for much discussion anyway.  By the time that topic was finished, Gordon started to complain that the task was too long and it was too late and it "must" be shortened.  

Well, Gordon was wrong, it wasn't too late or too long because probably 40 people were in goal - or should I say goals.  It seems that the goal line was in one place and the coordinates were just over 2km away.  So, many came to the goal line where there was a giant party, free chorizo tacos, lots of spectators, autograph signing and even a little day prize giving.  Easy to see why they wanted the goal line where it was, but a serious disappointment for the guys that missed the party and went to the coordinates.  

They're trying to figure out what to do now and I don't feel for the's a major bummer. My guess is the fairest solution is to set an end of speed section way out before goal - far enough out that pilots couldn't have been flying for the visual goal and then score from there, so long as the pilots also made it to either of the actual goals.  I suppose it's pretty likely that they will have to cancel the day though because I sure no everyone will agree to that.  

Otherwise, I'm hearing a lot of talk about the turbulence.  Sounds like it's really rocking and rolling out there.  I overheard young Rory Duncan on the phone to someone back home saying "well, the glider seems pretty stable because I haven't been upside down yet."  ;-)


Matze said...

"well, the glider seems pretty stable because I haven't been upside down yet." ;-)

HAHA, seems legit =)

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Unknown said...

It has been a challenge to fulfill a single task with two goals.