Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Day 4

Today the sky looked like it must have a been classic Valle de Bravo sky - gorgeous puffy white clouds on a deep blue background.  They set a somewhat shorter task - 120km, but just 98 optimized.  It was a bit of a figure eight staying somewhat close to home with goal at the Piano.  

I heard a whole lot less grumbling about turbulence and lack of landings today at goal which goes to show that the conditions can be super nice here!  Paris remembered that he is a top pilot and won the day with at least another 35 in goal behind him.  Great party at the goal field and plenty of happy pilots including all the girls - Sasha, Francoise and Corinna all made it in.  Kathleen is still resting up from her incident, otherwise, I'm sure she would have been there as well.  Speaking of girls, they've made a special "light pilot" rule that allows them a special set up place so they don't get all tired out carrying their gliders out to launch - they need to conserve their energy for the actual flight.  I'm happy they don't require a weigh in before getting this special treatment or I surely wouldn't qualify.  Apparently, not all the light pilots are happy with this.  

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Sarah H said...

Jiepie, sounds like a wonderful day! Great to be able to follow somehow what's happening over there through your blog. Georgious pictures too! Have fun and maybe see you again this summer in Laragne.