Monday, May 17, 2010

I love Germany in Winter...

….oh wait, it’s May :-/  This picture was taken about halfway up to the Tegelberg launch yesterday.  So, you can imagine what launch looks like!

It’s hard to get motivated to write much of anything around here.  Day after day we wake up to dark skies and cloudbase near the ground.  I understand all too well how hard it is for organizers in these situations.  You spend so much time and effort making sure everything is prepared and together only to have no control over the one thing that can put a stop to it all.  Some have given up and left already and I can only imagine how disheartening that must be.  As of this morning, the forecast looks like we might have one day of flying, at best.  I hope my read is wrong.

Meanwhile, we all know Schwangau so well.  We’ve done nearly everything there is for a tourist to do here.  The organizers have activities planned for the cancelled days and for each evening.  We’ve had Bavarian night, Italian night and last night was flying films night.  During the rainy days we hike the mountains, sit in the thermal bathes and saunas, cycle, shop and work. 

Yesterday I hiked with a group two thirds of the way to launch.  The area is so gorgeous from the ground and I can only dream about the view from above.  Had I known that the practice day might be my only chance to see it, I might have savored it a bit more. 

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