Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mending Fences

It's sooooo nice to be out of the rain and into the UK! Ha ha ha...that sounds like a joke, doesn't it! Coming to to the UK to get out of the rain?  Well, it's gorgeous here and apparently they had fantastic flying most of the time we were waiting in the rain in Germany.  What a switch!

So, we're up in the Yorkshire Dales - a beautiful part of the UK.  Rolling green hills, narrow cobblestone streets and cute little villages.  I'm enjoying the miles and miles of endless stone walls, cutting every great landing field into tiny little postage stamps ;-)

Yesterday was the first day of the British Open Series comp here in Yorkshire.  It was quite windy for my taste, too windy in fact in the end.  Of course, the Brits are used to this and have no problem flying in a bit of wind.  I'm still a big chicken and opted to stay on the ground while they flew an awesome 125km task to the beach in booming conditions.  Carl was calling 800fpm climbs and I think they blew downwind very quickly.
This is what everything looks like around so pretty.  (no my picture, by the way - I've been lazy with the camera.  I think I have to attribute this one to

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