Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some random pics of what we did during the Women's Worlds....

The organizers were great at finding group activities for us on every day that the task was cancelled without going up the hill.  One day a bunch of us toured a brewery in a nearby town.  
Timothy wanted a big gulp!
Of course, there was Neuschwanstein Castle.  Very impressive looking, but disappointing to learn that it was just a tourist attraction.  King Ludwig never lived there - he died before it was finished.  Apparently it became a museum just a few months after he died.
Our cable car passes also gave us free entry on the alpine slide.  It was the only place there was any racing going on.
Maria and I found bikes to rent and those were our main transportation around the village and to and from headquarters.  I started to feel like one of them.
And of course, Maria cooked lovely meals for us as often as possible.
And, when it was all over, I actually flew!!!


Carlos Rizo MD said...

Who is Maria?

Jamie Shelden said...

Ha ha ha...sorry Carlos, Maria is Claudia...and me....we're both Maria's actually. Little Maria and Big Maria ;-) (long story on how that came about)