Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Foehn Returns

Yesterday gave us the small hope of a task so we all made our way up the hill.  We have a setup order here because there isn't so much space up top.  The alpha group set up, only a few of the bravo group did and those of us in the charlie group were slow and lazy - lucky for us.  They thought perhaps there would be a small window available where they could get the girls off the hill and on a task.  So, we waited for over an hour before the rain started and the wind came from over the back.  

It was a lazy coffee day for most.  Maria and I joined Tim and Linda from the US and Daphne from the Netherlands for the afternoon.
Today's forecast was for strong Foehn and dangerous thunderstorms in the afternoon.  The task was cancelled at the team leader briefing so we didn't have to head up the hill.  Otherwise, the day looks lovely so far - the warmest we've had yet.

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Daniel Velez said...

how many k from goal are you?

Say hello to "Maria" from Ani, Dani y Miro. We'll be looking everyday at the blogs to see how're you girls doing up there.