Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 5

Absolutely amazing day yesterday.  It's funny sitting at goal listening to pilots complain about not being fast when they've just flow 200km across some of the most incredible landscape in the world.  Of course it's a race and of course, everyone wants to be fast, but I still find it amusing.

Before takeoff I asked Jonny how long the tast would take so I knew when to drive to goal.  He said "the fastest guy (being me!) will do it in 3:57."  Atilla standing next to him said "no, it will be four and half, for sure."  Just to be safe, I headed to goal to arrive at the three and a half hour mark, only to find six pilots already out of their harnesses celebrating the great flight.  I think they said the fastest were three hours fifteen minutes....unbelievable!!

Carl thinks the next time they head to Sierra Ferrera, the task ought to require them to arrive there and stay for one hour before continuing to the next turnpoint ;-)  He really enjoyed the view and didn't want to have to rush past it.

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