Friday, July 30, 2010

Registration Day

Ah, my favorite part of every competition...the reunion.  I so enjoy the atmosphere before the comp starts.  Everyone is positive and excited.  It's fun when we all meet up again and especially fun this time around as there are so many faces that are new to me (that happens with 150 person comp!)

Hopefully the weather is getting it's naughtiness out of the way early.  Last night we had a huge all night thunderstorm and heaps of rain all day today.  The forecast for the next day or two isn't looking exactly spectacular, but we're praying for improvement and I'm sure it will come.  

It seems the pilots are getting younger and younger all the time.  

1 comment:

Ron Gleason said...

Jamie, are the pilots getting younger or we just getting older?

Hope you are having a blast